Event organization

Wine tasting

We offer our wine-tasting programme for outside venues, which can be a pleasing part of a company event.

Wellproved occasions, events – pleasure boats, conferences, company events, partner parties, birthday parties product – display, gala dinners.

In the course of the wine-tasting our visitors can taste the most noble wines upon the advice of our wine-butler. Besides the award-winning wines of reputed wine cellars grape nectars of the promising private growers also take part in our tasting programmes.

We composed the wine-tasting on the basis of our experience in operating the museum for many years, however, we die glad to offer special tasting programme if required. For instance: experienced wine-lovers, connoisseurs can be introduced to a selection of wines from one wine-cellar or region.

We serve spiced food during the wine tour.

The individual and group games connected to wine growing and wine-tasting can make the atmosphere of event even more relaxed and memorable.