National Wine Museum

SINCE 1993

The cellar

The Museum was opened in 1993 for the connoisseurs of wine culture and for those wishing to know about it both from Hungary and abroad. The nearly 650-square metre cellar system of antique atmosphere assures gentle climate throughout the year giving space for the museum, the tasting street and the wine shop.

The Museum

The museum introduces the development of the Hungarian grapes and wine culture. Experts outline the characteristics of the Hungarian wine-growing regions in different languages.

Wine tasting

In the course of the wine tasting our visitors can taste the noblest wines upon the advice of our cellar men. Besides the award-winning wines of reputed wine cellars grape nectars of the promising private growers also take part in our tasting programmes. We serve spiced food during the wine tour. We composed the wine tasting on the basis of our experience in operating the museum for many years, however, we are glad to offer special tasting programme if required. For instance: experienced wine-lovers, connoisseurs can be introduced to a selection of wines from one wine cellar or region.

Wine shop

The uniquely abundant supply of the wine shop is assured by the 4000 bottles of 150 wine cellars from the 22 Hungarian wine growing regions. Our cellarmen help our guests with expert advice to choose the proper wine, its storage and consumption. Invaluable, museum piece wines can also be found in our offer, a part of which can be bought. We are also able to search wines of given vintage.


Event organization

We offer our wine-tasting programme for outside venues, which can be a pleasing part of a company event. Our partners can select the region, the wine cellar and the wines to taste. Our chef is eager to offer suitable meals as well.