Pálinka Library

Hungarian PÁLINKA is our faithful companion in good and bad, in joy and sorrow, which has been successfully used as an essential medicine in ancient times, is part of our folk customs, traditions, and a constant participant in our celebrations. To the delight of many of us, nowadays PÁLINKA is – deservedly – enjoying its renaissance, and this is what our pálinka store, which opened in 2008, wants to support.

We are exclusively offering premium brandies made from high-quality fruits. In addition to the traditional flavour – plums from Szatmár region, peaches from  Kecskemét, tasty apples from Szabolcs region – we are introducing the representatives of the new generation of brandies – mulberries, quinces, elderberries, blackthorns, blackcurrant, also flavoured products such as honeyed peaches, plums and raspberries.

Our sommeliers are at your disposal to get to know and taste these noble distillates and to compare their production technology in Hungarian, English, German and Russian languages. We believe that pálinka – like wines – can only be truly loved if we know and understand the basics of pálinka making, the types of distillates, so in addition to tasting opportunities, we also try to familiarize our guests with the mysteries of the preparation process.

In addition to the tasting options – which we also thematize on the basis of regions, fruits and distilleries – on the shelves of our specialty store we store 45 different products of our suppliers. The range of products – which consists of approximately 400 bottles – originates from the excellent growing regions of Hungary.